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Deutsche Bank, Donald Trumps biggest lender, is forced to submit documents after special prosecutor issues subpoena

Donald Trumps banking information has formally been turned over to Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who is investigating whether the presidents campaign conspired with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election.

Deutsche Bank, the German bank that serves as Trumps biggest lender, was forced to submit documents about its client relationship with the president and some of his family members, who are also Deutsche clients, after Mueller issued the bank with a subpoena for information, according to media reports. The news was first reported by Handelsblatt, the German newspaper.

The revelation makes it clear that Mueller and his team are investigating the presidents finances. Trumps son-in-law and White House adviser, Jared Kushner, is also a client.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment, but told Bloomberg in a statement that it always cooperated with investigating authorities.

Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for Trump, denied the report, telling Reuters: No subpoena has been issued or received. We have confirmed this with the bank and other sources.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment on Sekulows statement. But Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, which is investigating the Trump campaign, said Muellers reported subpoena of Deutsche Bank would be a very significant development.

If Russia laundered money through the Trump Organization, it would be far more compromising than any salacious video and could be used as leverage against Donald Trump and his associates and family, Schiff said in a statement. He was referring to a private investigators unsubstantiated allegation that the Kremlin had video proof of the presidents involvement in a salacious sex act.

Schiff also noted that the presidents son, Donald Trump Jr, has stated in the past that the Trump Organization received substantial funding from Russia and that there have been credible allegations that Russians have used the company to buy Trump properties for the purpose of money laundering.

Legal experts who are following the investigation said it showed Mueller was following the money in his search for possible links between the presidential campaign and the Kremlin.

It also indicated that any investigation into Trump personally may not be limited to the question of whether or not the president sought to obstruct justice when he fired the former FBI chief James Comey.

Instead, said Ryan Goodman, a New York law professor and former Pentagon counsel, it showed that Mueller was possibly examining whether the president could be compromised by Russian interests.

Deutsche Bank relates to the Russia collusion investigation, Goodman said.

He pointed to the banks known relationships with Russian oligarchs and its previous dealings in Moscow among reasons why Mueller would be interested in having access to Trumps bank accounts. The president was in the past loaned about $300m by the bank. His indebtedness, Goodman said, means that Mueller will want to examine if there are any connections between Russia and the presidents financial vulnerabilities.

How serious are the allegations?

The story of Donald Trump andRussiacomes down to this: a sitting president or his campaign is suspected of having coordinated with a foreign country to manipulate a US election. The story could not be bigger, and the stakes for Trump and the country could not be higher.

What are the key questions?

Investigators are asking two basic questions: did Trumps presidential campaign collude at any level with Russian operatives to sway the 2016 US presidential election? And did Trump or others break the law to throw investigators off the trail?

What does the country think?

While a majority of the American public now believes that Russia tried to disrupt the US election, opinions about Trump campaign involvement tend to split along partisan lines: 73% of Republicans, but only 13% of Democrats,believeTrump did nothing wrong in his dealings with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

What are the implications for Trump?

The affair has the potential to eject Trump from office.Experienced legal observers believethat prosecutors are investigating whether Trump committed an obstruction of justice. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton the only presidents to face impeachment proceedings in the last century were accused of obstruction of justice. But Trumps fate is probably up to the voters. Even if strong evidence of wrongdoing by him or his cohort emerged, a Republican congressional majority would probably block any action to remove him from office. (Such an action would be a historical rarity.)

What has happened so far?

Former foreign policy adviser George Papadopolous pleaded guilty to perjury over his contacts with Russians linked to the Kremlin, and the presidents former campaign managerPaul Manafortand another aide face charges of money laundering.

When will the inquiry come to an end?

The investigations have an open timeline.

Trump has consistently denied any collusion between his campaign and Russia and has stated that he did not have any business dealings in Russia. Since then, news has emerged that the Trump Organization sold a significant number of its properties to Russian clients and explored opening a hotel in Moscow, though the plan never came to fruition.

The president has repeatedly criticised the Mueller investigation and this weekend alleged that the FBIs reputation was in tatters. The attack followed the guilty plea of Trumps former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who is cooperating with federal investigators.

Muellers investigators have, according to previous media reports, examined Russian purchases of Trump-owned apartments, the presidents involvement with Russian associates in a development in SoHo, New York, and the presidents 2008 sale of his Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev.

News of the subpoena was not unexpected. The Guardian reported in July that executives at the bank were anticipating they would receive a formal demand for the presidents banking records and had already established informal contacts with Muellers investigators.

The development nevertheless represents a significant blow to the president.

Deutsche Bank has for months been the subject of intense scrutiny especially by Democrats on Capitol Hill because of its dealings with the president and its history of banking violations, including its dealings in Russia.

The $300m in loans, some of which may have been restructured, were extended to Trump before he became president.

He has four large mortgages, all issued by Deutsches private bank. The loans are guaranteed against the presidents properties: a deluxe hotel in Washington DCs Old Post Office building, just around the corner from the White House; his Chicago tower hotel; and the Trump National Doral Miami resort.

The Guardian reported in February that the bank had launched a review of Trumps account earlier this year to gauge whether there were any connections to Russia and had not discovered anything suspicious.

Ivanka Trump, the presidents daughter and adviser in the White House and Kushners mother, Seryl Stadtmauer, are also clients of Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank has been the only financial institution willing to lend Trump significant sums since the 1990s, a period in which other Wall Street banks turned off the tap after Trumps companies declared bankruptcy.

The German bank sued Trump in November 2008 after he failed to repay a $40m debt on a $640m real estate loan. Trump countersued and the matter was eventually settled in 2010. Trump then began doing business with Deutsches private banking business, which extended new loans despite the banks history of litigation with the onetime real estate tycoon.

The special counsels office declined to comment.

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How Trump walked into Putins web – Trending Stuff

Trump and Putin at the Apec summit in Vietnam this week. Photograph: Mikhail Klimentyev/TASS

In September, Steele went back to Rome. There he met with an FBI team. Their response was one of shock and horror, Steele said. The bureau asked him to explain how he had compiled his reports, and to give background on his sources. It asked him to send future copies.

Steele had hoped for a thorough and decisive FBI investigation. Instead, it moved cautiously. The agency told him that it couldnt intervene or go public with material involving a presidential candidate. Then it went silent. Steeles frustrations grew.

Later that month, Steele had a series of off-the-record meetings with a small number of US journalists. They included the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo! News, the New Yorker and CNN. In mid-October he visited New York and met with reporters again.

Comey then announced he was reopening an investigation into Clintons use of a private email server. At this point, Steeles relationship with the FBI broke down. The excuse given by the bureau for saying nothing about Trump looked bogus. In late October, Steele spoke to the Mother Jones editor David Corn via Skype.

The story was of huge significance, way above party politics, Steele said. He believed Trumps Republican colleagues should be aware of this stuff as well. Of his own reputation, Steele said: My track record as a professional is second to no one. Steele acknowledged that his memos were works in progress, and was genuinely worried about the implications of the allegations. The story has to come out, he told Corn.

At this point Steele was still anonymous, a ghost. But the ghosts message was rapidly circulating on Capitol Hill and inside Washingtons spy agencies, as well as among certain journalists and thinktanks. Democratic senators now apprised of Steeles work were growing exasperated. The FBI seemed unduly keen to trash Clintons reputation while sitting on explosive material concerning Trump.

One of those who was aware of the dossiers broad allegations was the Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, a Democrat. In August Reid, had written to Comey and asked for an inquiry into the connections between the Russian government and Donald Trumps presidential campaign. In October, Reid wrote to Comey again. This time he framed his inquiry in scathing terms. In a clear reference to Steele, Reid wrote: In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors and the Russian government The public has a right to know this information.

But all this frantic activity came to nought. Just as Nixon was re-elected during the early stages of Watergate, Trump won the presidential election, to general dismay, at a time when the Russia scandal was small but growing. Steele had found prima facie evidence of a conspiracy, but by and large the US public knew nothing about it. In November, his dossier began circulating in the top national security echelons of the Obama administration. But it was too late.

The same month a group of international experts gathered in Halifax on Canadas eastern seaboard. Their task: to make sense of the world in the aftermath of Trumps stunning victory. One of the delegates attending the Halifax International Security Forum was Senator John McCain. Another was Sir Andrew Wood, the UKs former ambassador to Russia. Wood was a friend of Steeles and an Orbis associate. Before the election, Steele had gone to Wood and shown him the dossier. He wanted the ambassadors advice. What should he do, or not do, with it? Of the dossier, Wood told me: I took it seriously.

On the margins of the Halifax conference, Wood briefed McCain about Steeles dossier its contents, if true

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Macron awards US scientists grants to move to France in defiance of Trump – Trending Stuff

Frances president awards millions of euros to 18 American scientists to relocate in effort to counter Donald Trump on the climate change front

Eighteen climate scientists from the US and elsewhere have hit the jackpot as Frances president, Emmanuel Macron, awarded them millions of euros in grants to relocate to France for the rest of Donald Trumps presidential term.

The Make Our Planet Great Again grants a nod to Trumps Make America Great Again campaign slogan are part of Macrons efforts to counter Trump on the climate change front. Macron announced a contest for the projects in June, hours after Trump declared he would withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord.

More than 5,000 people from about 100 countries expressed interest in the grants. Most of the applicants and 13 of the 18 winners were US-based researchers.

Macrons appeal gave me such a psychological boost, to have that kind of support, to have the head of state saying I value what you do, said winner Camille Parmesan, of the University of Texas at Austin. She will be working at an experimental ecology station in the Pyrenees on how human-made climate change is affecting wildlife.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Parmesan described funding challenges for climate science in the US and a feeling that you are having to hide what you do.

Trump has expressed skepticism about global warming and said the Paris accord would hurt US business by requiring a reduction in climate-damaging emissions.

We will be there to replace US financing of climate research, Macron told the winners in Paris on Monday.

If we want to prepare for the changes of tomorrow, we need science, he said, promising to put in place a global climate change monitoring system among other climate innovations.

The research of the winning recipients focuses on pollution, hurricanes and clouds. A new round of the competition will be launched next year, alongside Germany. About 50 projects will be chosen overall, and funded with 60m ($70m) from the state and French research institutes.

Initially aimed at American researchers, the research grants were expanded to other non-French climate scientists, according to organizers. Candidates need to be known for working on climate issues, have completed a thesis and propose a project that would take between three to five years.

The time frame would cover Trumps current presidential term.

Some French researchers have complained that Macron is showering money on foreign scientists at a time when they have been pleading for more support for domestic higher education.

Macron unveiled the first winners at a startup incubator in Paris called Station F, where Microsoft and smaller tech companies announced projects to finance activities aimed at reducing emissions.

Mondays event is a prelude to a bigger climate summit Tuesday aimed at giving new impetus to the Paris accord and finding new funding to help governments and businesses meet its goals.

More than 50 world leaders are expected in Paris for the One Planet Summit, co-hosted by the UN and the World Bank. Trump was not invited.

Other attendees include Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took a spin on a Parisian electric bike Monday to call attention to health problems caused by pollution.

The Hollywood star and former California governor argued that Trumps rejection of the Paris climate accord doesnt matter, because companies, scientists and other governments can pick up the slack to reduce global emissions.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are wealthier than poorest half of US – Trending Stuff

Institute for Policy Studies warns of a moral crisis and says Trump tax change proposals will exacerbate disparities

The three richest people in the US Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett own as much wealth as the bottom half of the US population, or 160 million people.

Analysis of the wealth of Americas richest people found that Gates, Bezos and Buffett were sitting on a combined $248.5bn (190bn) fortune. The Institute for Policy Studies said the growing gap between rich and poor had created a moral crisis.

In a report, the Billionaire Bonanza, the thinktank said Donald Trumps tax change proposals would exacerbate existing wealth disparities as 80% of tax benefits would end up going to the wealthiest 1% of households.

Wealth inequality is on the rise, said Chuck Collins, an economist and co-author of the report. Now is the time for actions that reduce inequality, not tax cuts for the very wealthy.

The study found that the billionaires included in Forbes magazines list of the 400 richest people in the US were worth a combined $2.68tn more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of the UK.

Our wealthiest 400 now have more wealth combined than the bottom 64% of the US population, an estimated 80m households or 204 million people, the report says. Thats more people than the population of Canada and Mexico combined.

The report says the billionaire class continues to pull apart from the rest of us at the fastest rate ever recorded. We have not witnessed such extreme levels of concentrated wealth and power since the first gilded age a century ago.

Forbes celebrated 2017 as another record year for the wealthiest people in America, as the price of admission to the countrys most exclusive club jumped nearly 18% to $2bn. That was a tenfold increase on the amount of money needed to enter the list when it first started in 1982.

Josh Hoxie, another co-author of the thinktank report, said: So much money concentrating in so few hands while so many people struggle is not just bad economics, its a moral crisis.

The report says many Americans are joining an emerging anti-inequality movement. A century ago, a similar anti-inequality upsurge took on Americas vastly unequal distribution of income and wealth and, over the course of little more than a generation, fashioned a much more equal America, it says.

The rise at the wealthiest end of society comes as one in five US households live in what the reports authors call the underwater nation, with either zero or negative wealth. Inequality is even more stark among minorities. Three in 10 black households and 27% of Latino ones have zero or negative wealth, compared with 14% of white families.

Just two African Americans made the Forbes 400: Oprah Winfrey (number 264 with $3bn) and the tech investor Robert Smith (226 with $3.3bn). Five members of the Forbes 400 have Latino backgrounds, including the property magnate Jorge Prez, the LA Angels baseball team owner Arturo Moreno and three members of the family of late Colombian beer magnate Julio Mario Santo Domingo, a major shareholder of SABMiller.

The top 25 people in the survey are all white. The richest is Gates, the Microsoft founder, with $89bn, followed by Amazons Bezos with $81.5bn, then investor Warren Buffett with $78bn and Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg with $71bn.

Since the Forbes 400 was published last month, Amazons share price has increased by more than 10%, lifting Bezoss fortune to an estimated $95bn, putting him in the provisional number one spot.

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cyclist gives Trump the middle finger – Trending Stuff

Woman makes her feelings clear as she is overtaken by the US presidents motorcade on its way out of one of his golf clubs

The president of the United States is used to being saluted, but a cyclist in Virginia put her own particular slant on the tradition on Saturday when she was overtaken by Donald Trumps motorcade.

The woman on her bike was photographed raising her middle finger when Trumps vehicles passed her on their way out from the Trump National Golf Club on the banks of the Potomac river, on the outskirts of Washington DC. She repeated the gesture when she caught up with the motorcade.

As noted in the White House pool report, POTUSs motorcade departed the Trump National Golf Club at 3.12pm, passing two pedestrians, one of whom gave a thumbs-down sign. Then it overtook a female cyclist, wearing a white top and cycling helmet, who responded by giving the middle finger.

The motorcade had to slow and the cyclist caught up, still offering the finger, before turning off in a different direction. Motorcade is now gathering speed and heading for DC.

Social media users responded to the image of the cyclist with messages such as Heroine! and Her2020.

Earlier on Saturday, as Trumps vehicle entered the luxury golf club in northern Virginia, a region where he has little support, a woman stood at the entrance with a handwritten sign that said: Impeach.

A Twitter user called Trumps Nanny subsequently came forward to identify herself as the protester. Her Twitter profile says: I am Donald Trumps babysitter, and you are, too. He is a deranged dictator who needs constant supervision from all of us.

In the afternoon, as the presidential motorcade pulled out of the club, two pedestrians were walking by. One energetically gave a thumbs down sign. Moments later the motorcade passed the cyclist. All three shows of dissent were from women.

A protester holds an impeach sign outside the Trump National Golf Course as the presidential motorcade arrives. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

America is more accepting of such protests than some democracies. In 2010, in South Africa, the political activist Chumani Maxwele was out jogging when he was accused of raising his middle finger to President Jacob Zumas motorcade. Arrested and bundled into a vehicle by three policemen, he allegedly had his hands tied behind his back and a black hood placed over his head.

The South Africa Human Rights Commission later ruled that Maxweles rights had been violated. Four years after the incident, the police minister sent him a letter of apology.

Trump has visited his Virginia golf club on four consecutive weekends. He often criticised Barack Obama for playing golf while he was president and has faced accusations of hypocrisy for doing so even more regularly himself.

Trump has used golf as a means to woo senators, playing recently with Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham, among others. Both reported that the president beat them, Paul telling reporters this month: The president never loses, didnt you know?

The White House did not disclose the identity of Trumps playing partners on Saturday at the 800-acre property along the Potomac river in Sterling, Virginia, but NBC News broadcast long-range footage of them on the course.

The president could be seen in a white cap and grey sweater. Later that night he went for dinner with the first lady, Melania Trump, at the Trump International hotel in Washington the second time in a day that he had patronised one of his own properties.

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FBI terrorism unit says ‘black identity extremists’ pose a violent threat – Trending Stuff

Leaked report, citing concerns of retaliation over perceptions of police brutality against African Americans, prompts fears of crackdown on activists

The US government has declared black identity extremists a violent threat, according to a leaked report from the FBIs counter-terrorism division.

The assessment, obtained by Foreign Policy, has raised fears about federal authorities racially profiling activists and aggressively prosecuting civil rights protesters.

The report, dated August 2017 and compiled by the Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit, said: The FBI assesses it is very likely Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence. Incidents of alleged police abuse have continued to feed the resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity within the BIE movement.

The FBIs dedicated surveillance of black activists follows a long history of the US government aggressively monitoring protest movements and working to disrupt civil rights groups, but the scrutiny of African Americans by a domestic terrorism unit was particularly alarming to some free speech campaigners.

When we talk about enemies of the state and terrorists, with that comes an automatic stripping of those peoples rights to speak and protest, said Mohammad Tajsar, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. It marginalizes what are legitimate voices within the political debate that are calling for racial and economic justice.

The document has emerged at a time of growing concerns about Donald Trumps links to the far right and white nationalists, and increasing anxieties about his administrations efforts to further criminalize communities of color and shield police from scrutiny. Anti-Trump protesters and Black Lives Matter activists have continued to face harsh prosecutions and close federal monitoring.

The FBI did not immediately respond to the Guardians request for comment on Friday, but defended its tracking of black identity extremists in a statement to Foreign Policy, claiming the FBI cannot initiate an investigation based solely on an individuals race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or the exercise of First Amendment rights.

The FBIs report noted specific cases of recent violence against police, most notably Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old shooter in Dallas who killed five officers and said he was targeting white people and law enforcement. Black Lives Matter a movement protesting the disproportionate killings of black citizens by police in the US had no ties to Johnson or other targeted killings of police and has condemned those shootings.

The number of police officers killed on the job also remains a fraction of the number of citizens killed by officers each year, and statistics suggest that more white offenders than black offenders kill officers.

The new FBI report said BIE violence peaked in the 1960s and 1970s in response to changing socioeconomic attitudes and treatment of blacks, adding that possible indicators today for BIEs posing a violent threat to law enforcement include violent anti-white rhetoric and attempts to acquire illegal weapons or explosives. BIE appears to be a very new term within law enforcement, Foreign Policy noted.

Elsa Waithe, a comedian and activist with Black Lives Matter, said she feared the FBIs classification could deter people from joining protests and further criminalize anyone who is already in the movement.

She noted that she often wears a black power button and could easily see the FBI labeling her as a threat as a result: The term black identity extremist is so vague on purpose If I wanted to do a picnic for black folks, is this now some sort of terrorist activity?

But law enforcement threats would not discourage her, she said. This changes nothing. For some people, this means we fight harder.

Some reports have suggested that the Trump administration has also pushed to focus counter-terrorism efforts solely on Islamist extremism and no longer target white supremacist groups. The president further faced significant backlash in August for saying there were very fine people on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally where a civil rights activist was killed by an alleged white nationalist.

The FBI document seemed to be aligned with far-right figures who have increasingly called Black Lives Matter a terrorist group, some comparing it to the Ku Klux Klan, noted Tajsar.

DeRay Mckesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, likened the black identity extremist monitoring to the FBIs highly controversial domestic counterintelligence program known as Cointelpro, which was used to target political groups and activists like the NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr, socialist and communist groups and anti-war protesters.

We knew that we were likely being watched, said Mckesson, who has spoken out about being monitored by the US government and FBI. This is confirmation that the work of social justice continues to threaten those in power.

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I called Hugh Hefner a pimp, he threatened to sue. But thats what he was

Now that hes dead, the old sleaze in the Playboy mansion is being spoken of as some kind of liberator of women. Quite the opposite, writes Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

Long ago, in another time, I got a call from a lawyer. Hugh Hefner was threatening a libel action against me and the paper I worked for at the time, for something I had written. Journalists live in dread of such calls. I had called Hefner a pimp. To me this was not even controversial; it was self-evident. And he was just one of the many libertines who had threatened me with court action over the years.

It is strange that these outlaws have recourse in this way, but they do. But at the time, part of me wanted my allegation to be tested in a court of law. What a case it could have made. What a hoot it would have been to argue whether a man who procured, solicited and made profits from women selling sex could be called a pimp. Of course, central to Playboys ideology is the idea that women do this kind of thing willingly; that at 23 they want nothing more than to jump octogenarians.

Now that hes dead, the disgusting old sleaze in the smoking jacket is being spoken of as some kind of liberator of women. Kim Kardashian is honoured to have been involved. Righty ho.

I dont really know which women were liberated by Hefners fantasies. I guess if you aspired to be a living Barbie it was as fabulous as it is to be in Donald Trumps entourage. Had we gone to court, I would like to have heard some of the former playmates and bunnies speakup in court because over the years they have.

The accounts of the privileged few who made it into the inner sanctum of the 29-room Playboy mansion as wives/girlfriends/bunny rabbits are quite something. In Hefners petting zoo/harem/brothel, these interchangeable blondes were put on a curfew. They were not allowed to have friends to visit. And certainly not boyfriends. They were given an allowance. The big metal gates on the mansion that everyone claimed were to keep people out of this nirvana were described by one-time Hefner girlfriend no 1 Holly Madison in her autobiography thus: I grew to feel it was meant to lock me in.

The fantasy that Hefner sold was not a fantasy of freedom for women, but for men. Women had to be strangely chaste but constantly available for the right price. Dressing grown women as rabbits once seen as the height of sophistication is now seen as camp and ironic. There are those today who want to celebrate Hefners contribution to magazine journalism, and I dont dispute that Playboy did use some fantastic writers.

Part of Hefners business acumen was to make the selling of female flesh respectable and hip, to make soft porn acceptable. Every mans dream was to have Hefners lifestyle. Apparently. Every picture of him, right to the end, shows him with his lizard smirk surrounded by blonde clones. Every half-wit on Twitter is asking if Hefner will go to heaven when he already lived in it.

But listen to what the women say about this heaven. Every week, Izabella St James recalls, they had to go to his room and wait while he picked the dog poo off the carpet and then ask for our allowance. A thousand dollars counted out in crisp hundred dollar bills from a safe in one of his bookcases.

If any of them left the mansion and were not available for club nights where they were paraded, they didnt get their allowance. The sheets in the mansion were stained. There was to be no bickering between girlfriends. No condoms could be used. A nurse sometimes had to be called to Hefners grotto if hed had a fall. Nonetheless, these young women would have to perform.

Hefner repeatedly described as an icon for sexual liberation would lie there with, I guess, an iconic erection, Viagra-ed to the eyeballs. The main girlfriend would then be called to give him oral sex. There was no protection and no testing. He didnt care, wrote Jill Ann Spaulding. Then the other women would take turns to get on top of him for two minutes while the girls in the background enacted lesbian scenarios to keep Daddy excited. Is there no end to this glamour?

Well now there is, of course. But this man is still being celebrated by people who should know better. You can dress it up with talk of glamour and bunny ears and fishnets, you can talk about his contribution to gonzo journalism, you can contextualise his drive to free up sex as part of the sexual revolution. But strip it all back and he was a man who bought and sold women to other men. Isnt that the definition of a pimp? I couldnt possibly say.

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Trump hails ‘great day’ as Anthony Scaramucci loses White House job – Trending Stuff

Scaramucci has been removed from his post in the White House just over a week after his appointment, after a series of media appearances that were turbulent

Donald Trump hailed a great day in the White House after the removal of communications director Anthony Scaramucci after only 10 days in a movement that has only increased the feeling of chaos at the center of the Trump administration.

His evening tweet arrived as Scaramucci was forced out after a tumultuous series of media appearances over the previous week from the combative former Wall Street financier, surrounded by a foul-mouthed tirade to a New Yorker journalist on Thursday.

His shock demise was precipitated by the appointment of former US marine Gen John Kelly as Donald Trumps new chief of staff.

Anthony Scaramucci will leave his job as White House communications director, said press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a statement on Monday afternoon. Mr Scaramucci believed it was best to provide chief of staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. We wish him the very best.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

A day in the White House!

July 31, 2017

The decision to remove Scaramucci, nicknamed the Mooch, came at Kellys petition, the New York Times reported.

His removal may take some pressure off Steve Bannon, the longtime Trump aide whose position was in recent weeks under threat. Scaramucci made Bannon a goal in his rant to the New Yorker and, in response, was the topic of repeatedly negative posts on Breitbart, the publication Bannon formerly conducted.

Scaramucci was hired on 21 July, months after the departure of Michael Dubke, who had struggled to craft a coherent communications strategy as the administration spun from one controversy to another. Sean Spicer reportedly opposed the hiring of Scaramucci and resigned as White House press secretary the same day.

Spicer was seen by reporters in the West Wing apparently helping to form the announcement announcing Scaramuccis removal from office.

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US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website – Trending Stuff

Privacy advocates call warrant for IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited inauguration protest website an fishing expedition

The US government is seeking to unmask every person who visited an anti-Trump website in is an fishing expedition for dissidents.

The warrant appears to be an escalation of the Department of Justices (DoJ) campaign against anti-Trump activities, including the harsh prosecution of inauguration day protesters.

On 17 July, the DoJ served a website-hosting company, DreamHost, with a search warrant for each and every bit of information it owned which was related to a website which was used to coordinate protests during Donald Trumps inauguration. The warrant covers the people who own and run the site, but also seeks to get the IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited it, as well as the date and time of the visit and information about what browser or operating system they employed.

The website,, was utilized to coordinate protests and civil disobedience on 20 January, when Trump was inaugurated.

This case and this particular warrant are prosecutorial overreach with a department of justice under [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions, said Chris Ghazarian, general counsel for DreamHost. You should be concerned for visiting a website that anybody should be targeted.

The warrant was made public Monday, when DreamHost announced its plans to challenge the government in court. The DoJ declined to comment. A hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The government has aggressively prosecuted activists detained during the 20 January protests in Washington DC. In April, the US attorneys office in Washington DC filed a single indictment charging over 217 people with identical crimes, including felony rioting.

Ghazarian said that DreamHost provided the authorities when it obtained a grand jury subpoena after the protests happened. However, the government came back in July with the broader search warrant.

Were a gatekeeper between the authorities and tens of thousands of people who visited the website and the website, said Ghazarian. We want to keep them protected.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has been advising DreamHost, characterized the warrant as unconstitutional and a fishing expedition.

I cant conceive of a justification other than casting your net attorney Mark Rumold told the Guardian.

Logs of IP addresses dont uniquely identify users, but they link back to specific addresses if no tools are utilised to mask it.

What they would be getting is a list of everyone who has ever been interested in seeing what went on in the protests or attending those protests and thats the aspect. Its a step after you’ve got the list to join the IP address to someones identity, he said.

While the content of a site is illegal such as pirated movies or child abuse imagery wide-reaching warrants for user data are occasionally issued, but speech is seldom prohibited.

This [the website] is first amendment advocacy advocacy’s sort promote and the first amendment was created to protect, Rumold added. Frankly Im glad DreamHost is currently pushing back on it.

Its not the first time that the US government has sought to unmask people protesting against Trump or his policies.

In March this year, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a branch of the homeland security department, ordered Twitter to deliver the phone number, mailing addresses and IP addresses associated with @ALT_USCIS, an account which purported to convey the views of dissenters within the government.

The accounts, whose username is a reference to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, is one of dozens of Twitter accounts established after Trump was inaugurated. The unverified accounts claimed to provide an uncensored view of civil servants who disagreed with Trumps policies.

To protect the identity of the person running the accounts, Twitter launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration, arguing that it would have a grave chilling effect on the address of that account in particular and the many other alternative agency accounts which have been made to voice dissent to government policies.

After public outcry over the administrations overreach, CBP dropped the request.

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Hedge Funds Stop Shorting Danish Cement Firm Hit by Trump Flurry

FLSmidth & Co. A/S was among Europes most-shorted stocks last year. Now, hedge funds are abandoning their bets against the company as Donald Trumps surprise election win has investors bracing for a construction boom that could revive an industry battered by years of hardship.

Short interest in the Danish maker of mining equipment and cement production lines fell to 3.1 percent last week, according to Markit data. Thats down from 6 percent before Trump won the U.S. election, and marks the lowest level of short interest in FLSmidth since 2009.

As recently as September 2015, bets against FLSmidth represented about 23 percent of shares outstanding, making it the most shorted company in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index after Carillion plc, according to Markit. A revival in commodities prices that pre-dates Trumps win has helped buoy the industry.

Bets against FLSmidth have plunged, according to Markit

Theres been a shift in sentiment on FLSmidth after things have been very bad for a long time, Jacob Pedersen, chief of equity analysis at Sydbank A/S, said in a phone interview. The reduction in short-covering of the shares is tied to the share price gains and the better sentiment on the company.

Helped by higher prices for commodities, including copper, FLSmidths stock is up 21 percent this year, making it the biggest winner in the Danish benchmark index after cancer drug developer Genmab A/S. Its unfamiliar territory for FLSmidth, whose stock has declined over the past five calendar years.

The market has given FLSmidth, as well as many other shares, the benefit of the doubt with the election of Donald Trump, Pedersen said. The shares have gained a lot on the news, but it seems very speculative. It may well be that there will be more orders for FLSmidth with Trumps plans to invest in infrastructure, but at this stage we really dont know enough about what will happen in the U.S.

Trump has talked up his infrastructure investment plans, promising to spend as much as $1 trillion on roads, bridges and airports over the next decade. In his victory speech, the real estate mogul said he wants to make Americas infrastructure second to none.

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Hedge funds scaling back bets against FLSmidth this month include AKO Capital LLP and Greenlight Capital Inc., according to filings to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Both funds declined to comment.

The practice of short-selling means investors borrow stock and sell it, betting it will decline so they can make a profit when they repurchase it.

FLSmidth earlier this month reported third-quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates. The report was a turning point in the investment story, Andrew Wilson, an analyst at JPMorgan, said in a Nov. 14 note, raising his recommendation on the shares to overweight from neutral.

Even with a cautious view on both the mining cycle and the timing of any recovery in cement (Trump-driven or otherwise), the likely direction of news flow is positive, Wilson wrote. And, unlike some other names in the sector, the valuation has not overshot our view on a likely recovery.

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